Mobile Application for IOS or Windows that serves a navigation aid for both helicopter and aircraft pilots during all kinds of flight operations.
Air navigation applications are currently the domain of large and well-known international companies in the aviation industry. The Solutions they provide, however, do not take into consideration the individual needs of specialized aviation institutions like medical rescue, transport companies, or private carriers. By offering Clear AirSpace® navigation system, AP-TECH company stepped toward meeting these expectations.
Business Goals
We were faced with the challenge of creating an application that will not only live up to, but exceed existing products on the market, and will be reliable and flexible in terms of added functionality. Moreover, the application should visualize data from air-traffic-management institutions and work in difficult conditions on various systems (iOS, Win) and devices (tablet, desktop) as well as in offline mode.
Main Advantages
The Application has been equipped with a number of functionalities, thanks to which user has the possibility to work in offline mode, plan and save flight routes, display airspaces and air routes. Moreover, the application ensures access to airport maps, approach cards, prohibited and restricted areas, different layers, and warnings about obstacles. Pilot also gets an opportunity to individually add and define his personalized areas, points, lines and even obstacles.
Trusted Data Sources
The Application aggregates topographic and and airspace data from official state or international aviation institutions such as the Civil Aviation Office, Polish AirNavigation Services Agency, or European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation (Eurocontrol).
Readable Interface
One of the major challenges was to create interface, which will be simple, intuitive, readable and responsive. The Application steps forward to meet pilots' expectations by working in the horizontal and vertical orientation, enabling enlargement of elements an allowing flexible positioning in the cockpit. User can also adjust the interface in settings menu.
Benefits for Organizations
The Clear AirSpace® application allows users to add their own, specialized databases and documentation (private airfields, airports, routes and characteristic points, flight and machine manuals and checklists), as well as sending private notifications and messages to all pilots within the organization. It also offers full control over the assignment, management and administration of license keys.
Flight Bag
The Application grants pilots access to both European and  local flight documents including: Airport maps and charts, Taxi, SID, STAR and civil flight documentation. Clear AirSpace® also provides access to notifications regarding flight operations such as NOTAM and sends warnings about upcoming obstacles and air zones.
Clear AirSpace® is a reliable multiplatform application, which aggregates and displays on the map navigation, weather and topographic data with different structure from several sources at the same time.
Spectrum of Applications
The Clear AirSpace® app was designed to introduce functions dedicated to individual customers. It is versatile and flexible enough to be applied in many institutions and companies which are present on the aviation market. Our customers are, among others, Polish Medical Air Rescue and institutions of higher education which educate pilots.
Numerous Platforms
Clear AirSpace® operates successfully on desktops/laptops and tablets, which are equipped with Windows or IOS system. Through the cooperation with Panasonic, application has been tested on specialized Rugged tablets.
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